Research, preliminary technical and financial evaluation both in accordance to the local regulations, laws, tender requirements and taking into account the investors specific criteria.


  • Calculation of power flows and voltage drops in HV and MV cables and overhead lines
  • Calculation of harmonic components of the current and voltage in case of short circuit
  • Short circuit current calculations in MV and HV networks
  • Calculation of MV and HV power cables
  • Analysis of electromagnetic transients and electromagnetic processes
  • Analysis of overvoltages and selection of surge arresters
  • Calculation of relay protection settings
  • Analysis of electrical networks in case of sudden breakdowns and study of the effect of installation of new power plants over the network with special software (NEPLAN and others)


Complete design project accompanied with all necessary calculations, specifications, thorough drawings, cross sections and as build documentation for: - Electrical substations for transmission and distribution - Electrical part of conventional power plants - Electrical part of renewable power plants (Photovoltaic, wind parks, water power plants, biomass power plants) - Overhead transmission lines and cable transmission lines for low, middle and high voltage grids


  • Project management
  • Manufacturing and delivery of control and relay cubicles
  • Basic kit assembling and retrofitting of MV switchgear
  • Commissioning of transmission and distribution electrical substations
  • Programming and setting of relay protections
  • Programming and integration of substation SCADA

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Role of a Security Guard

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Crowd Control

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Powers of Arrest

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Patrol Techniques

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Use of Force

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First Aid

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